Grand Canyon National Park Fee Free Weekend for Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

The Grand Canyon National Park is celebrating the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday with a fee free weekend. Entrance fees are waived for all visitors to Grand Canyon National Park January 14 – 16, 2012. Visitors planning to stay beyond the 16th will pay regular entrance fees for the remainder of their stay.

This is a great opportunity to see the park. Winter is a wonderful way to see the park in a whole new way then the traditional tourist approach. As Deputy Superintendent Palma Wilson comments, “There are fewer people in the park and the pace is slower, more relaxing”.

The fee free designation applies to entrance fees only and does not affect fees for camping, reservations, tours or use of concessions. Park entrance stations will haveGrand Canyon Fee Free Weekend Interagency Senior and Annual Passes available for those who wish to purchase them.

Park visitors are reminded that Grand Canyon’s South Rim sits at approximately 7,000 feet and that winter weather and driving conditions are always a possibility during the month of January.

The National Park Service will be offering additional fee free day throughout 2012, including April 21 – 29 (National Parks Week), June 9 (Get Outdoors Day), September 29 (National Public Lands Day) and November 10 – 12 (Veterans Day weekend.)