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Guess Who’s Got A New Look – Just In Time For The New Year?

Explore The Grand Canyon – Sheer cliffs, breathtaking views, stratified time, vermillion sunsets, hordes of visitors, a melee of rusty pinks, reds and oranges, meandering turquoise green rivulets, dusty trails, mule rides, ancient Indian traditions, and journeys to the edge of the earth.

 Visitor CenterWith so much waiting to be found, where do you start looking? How does one explore the Canyon? The answers are right here, at Comprehensive, informative and intuitive, this site is a one-stop-shop for the eager and well-informed traveler. Tour guides, interactive learning, things to do, custom tours, the latest news, back-country permits and much, much more, all in one easily navigable, refreshingly aesthetic design and highly interactive website.

Visitors Center – All you need to know: The ® Visitor Center located at the South Rim entrance of the Grand Canyon provides in depth travel information. Find the latest news, updates, local area attractions, pre-pay passes, dining & lodging options, events and more. Talk to local representatives, browse through interactive exhibits, find fantastic souvenirs at the Store and pick up some free goodies on select purchases. Check out our online specials section for great deals and discounts to Grand Canyon events.

Get an inside look at the IMAX experience: Before you head off to the “World’s most viewed IMAX movie”, make a pit-stop online.  Our dedicated IMAX section gives you an insider’s look at the legendary IMAX Theater and the technology that accompanies it. Know which Grand Canyon Movie is playing, know what’s in store is for you and get to learn cool facts about the theater. What’s more, you can book tickets online for large groups as well as individuals.  Did you know that the screen is 4,500 times bigger than your average TV screen? Well, now you do.

Make a Hermetic plan: is filled choc-a-bloc with information and tips to make sure you have plan your trip flawlessly. From getting there, finding lodging, picking out Grand Canyon activities & attractions, chalking out a list of things to do Grand Canyon, soaking in area information to knowing park hours and getting back-country permits for special activities in the Grand Canyon, it’s all here.

Pick a tour, any tour: Incredibly diverse Grand Canyon Tour packages are yours for the taking. Did you know that you can choose from a selection of Guided tours, Hiking & walking tours, Helicopter & airplane rides, guided bus & jeep tours, river rafting tours, railway tours, mule & horse-riding tour, and group tours? A dedicated section on the website takes a look at each of these tours individually.

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Permit’ us to help you:  If you are looking to stay in the park overnight, you will require a back-Country permit. Our Website gives you a list of activities which require this permit and also tells you how to acquire permits through a simple step by step list detailing contact information and operating hours.

Take A Deep Dive Into History: The mother lode of information awaits you on the website, as we strive to give you the best and most comprehensive learning experience. From a rich expansive gallery, understanding geology and wildlife to exploring Grand Canyon’s versatile historical culture, this is where it’s at. Hear experts speak, know your facts and figures and learn what makes this natural beauty the wonder that it is. Our site is equipped with Video light boxes to offer you a top of the line visual experience.

Stay updated and feel like Ken Jennings: Get constant updates, news and current events from the Grand Canyon.  You can either follow us on twitter or visit our website to get the latest info on the South Rim and the Grand Canyon National Park.

Feel A-live: Do you want to know what the Grand Canyon feels like right now? Simply click on our ‘Live View Webcam’ which offers you live views of the spectacular Canyon, looking west from Yavapai Point. The feed is updated every 30 minutes and all you need to do is refresh your browser for the latest views.

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