Grand Canyon National Park Shuts Down North Rim For Winter

The Grand Canyon National Park is starting to shut down many of its activities and tourist attractions in the North Rim for the the winter season. The harsh, snowy weather makes visits to the North Rim riskier for tourists while also making it difficult for the park’s staff to keep conditions safe for visitors. However, there is still time to enjoy the North Rim before the shutdown is complete.

While visitor services have ceased at the Grand Canyon Lodge and you can longer ride a mule along the Grand Canyon trails at the North Rim until the spring, camping reservations in the area are still available to patrons through October 31st. The North Rim Visitor Center and North Rim Backcountry will also be open through October 31st.

Sales of self-service gas and diesel fuel will continue undisturbed through December 1st, unless the highway is forced to close down early due to heavy snowfall. Ultimately, all of the North Rim’s operations will be closed at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday, December 1st and will remain shut down until the spring season next year.

If you want a Grand Canyon tour of the North Rim this year, call to see if there are any available reservations before December. If not, feel free to inquire about early reservations when the North Rim opens back up in the spring season of 2017.

Only have time off during the winter for a trip? The Grand Canyon weather along the South Rim allows that area of the park to be open year-round. You can celebrate winter vacation along the South Rim and take a spring break at the North Rim next year.