Grand Canyon Weather Gives Man Internet Fame

You never know what sights you’ll see along the Grand Canyon trails, nor do you know who will see you. In fact, hiking there on a hot day could turn you into an Internet meme.

A picture of a man unzipping his zip-off cargo pants at the Grand Canyon National Park has been making the rounds online recently after Sarah Jean shared the picture with her Twitter followers on August 30th. Jean found the picture of the man in mid-zip, transforming his cargo pants into cargo shorts, when she was taking an at-home Grand Canyon tour via Google Maps’ Street View feature.

The Internet then blew up, retweeting and sharing the candid picture all over the place. Jean’s tweet has a massive 6,666 retweets with over 14,000 likes and counting. Jean even asked in a comment if there was a way to turn off notifications for just that tweet.

So far, no one has come forward to identify themselves as the toasty-legged tourist hiking along the Kaibab Trail. Attempts to identify “Cargo Pants Guy” have been unsuccessful thus far, since he is in a bent over position that visually obscures his face in the picture. There’s a strong chance that this man is completely unaware of his newfound Internet fame. That or he is too embarrassed to admit he still wears cargo pants/shorts. You can check out Cargo Pants Guy on Google Street View here and see him for yourself.

Regardless, it proves that taking a trip to see the Grand Canyon is more than just a worthwhile vacation experience. Along with a one-of-a-kind nature hike, you have a chance to become Internet famous without even knowing it.