Beginning at the popular South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the most popular starting point for Grand Canyon adventures, the South Kaibab Trail follows a ridge over to Skeleton Point allowing for multiple 360-degree vistas in the canyon. Water is not available along this trail, so make sure you bring plenty, and be prepared to go without a phone or campground until reaching the Bright Angel Campground 7.1 miles through the trail. Hazardous conditions can include risk of dehydration, unpredictable rainstorms with lightning, icy trails packed down by foot traffic, flash flooding due to sudden rain, rockfall, and extreme temperatures. Categorized as a strenuous hike despite the relatively short trail, the 7.1 mile distance from the Trailhead to the Bright Angel Campground may be too much for some, and there are no treated water sources or pay phones between the two points, but come prepared and this well-maintained trail may be one of your favorites.

Photo © Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park and used under the Creative Commons.

Locations/Elevations Mileages
Rim (7260 ft / 2213 m) to Cedar Ridge (6120 ft / 1865 m): 1.5 mi (2.4 km)
Cedar Ridge (6120 ft / 1865 m) to Skeleton Point (5220 ft / 1591 m): 1.5 mi (2.4 km)
Skeleton Point (5220 ft / 1591 m) to the Tipoff (4000 ft / 1219 m): 1.4 mi (2.3 km)
Tipoff (4000 ft / 1219 m) to Bright Angel Campground (2480 ft / 756 m): 2.6 mi (4.2 km)
Rim (7260 ft / 2213 m) to Bright Angel Campground (2480 ft / 756 m): 7.0 mi (11.3 km)

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