Located just before the end destination of West Rim Drive, Pima Point is a great place to stop and take a rest on the way to Hermit’s Rest. Visitors can enjoy a gift shop, a café, and restrooms, but some may see their wooded surroundings and think that there isn’t much else to this area, but if you continue on to the overlook on the northernmost corner of Pima Point, you can look out and see 40 miles into the distance, all the way to the Great Scenic Divide to the west. Near the Great Scenic Divide, you can also see Powell Plateau, and to the east lies Bright Angel Canyon. The western side of Pima Point is home to Hermit Creek, and at the opposite side lies the Ninetyfour Mile Creek. Both flow year-round and lie within corridors of vegetation. From Pima Point, you may also catch glimpses of Cope Butte, Travertine Canyon, and the Monument Creek, making this one of the most beautiful places in the canyon with several of its most popular landmarks on display for all.

Photo © Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park and used under the Creative Commons.

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