The Grand Canyon’s East Rim Drive isn’t the most popular route for visitors, but Yaki Point gives many a reason to visit the East Rim by providing one of the most striking viewpoints of the canyon available. A no-vehicle zone, visitors will need to hoof it to the point from the nearby parking lot or shuttlebus, but those hiking along the Kaibab Trail Route will find Yaki Point at the easternmost part of the route. Encompassing a vast swath of the canyon, you can see the end of the Bright Angel Trail and much of the South Kaibab Trail as it begins to reach towards the O’Neill Butte and Cedar Ridge. To the east, you’ll see Cremation Creek and a handful of incredible buttes and mesas. As one of the less-traveled parts of the canyon, Yaki Point certainly has something unique to offer to those who seek it.

Photo © Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park and used under the Creative Commons.

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