Grand Canyon News You May Have Missed for Week of November 25th 2013

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort Near Grand Canyon Opens for Black Friday Arizona Snowbowl ski resort near Grand Canyon opens the 2013-2014 season on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Source: Get the Full Story

Grand Canyon’s Kolb Studio Undergoes Restoration Work
Kolb Studio is getting a massive facelift, thanks to donations from both private and public donors.

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Grand Canyon:  The Religious Power of Nature
We all feel religious this time of the year, especially when we see the Christmas lights and the holidays’ illuminations, and people celebrating love and family.

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Racing the light at Grand Canyon South Rim
When it comes to painting Grand Canyon landscapes, James McGrew is a popular guy.

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Arizona Explained: Harvey Butchart was Grand Canyon’s Trailblazer
John Harvey Butchart was the king of Grand Canyon hikers. Although his slight build and gold-rimmed glasses gave him something of a clerkish look, Butchart could walk 16 hours a day for days on end, generally at a pace that had hikers half his age struggling to keep up.

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Why There Are No Atheists at the Grand Canyon
Any fool can feel religious around the holidays. When the entire Judeo-Christian world is lit up — literally — with celebrations of faith, family and love, you’ve got to be awfully short of wonder not to experience at least a glimmer of spirituality.

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