Grand Canyon News You May Have Missed for Week of October 14th 2013

National Park Service Defends Government Shutdown Closures
With the National Park Service under fire from Republicans for how it’s gone about shuttering parks and monuments it operates during the 16-day-old government shutdown, Democratic lawmakers and the director of the NPS on Wednesday fiercely defended the agency’s actions.

Source: USA Today
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Flintstone’s Bedrock City Up for Auction
If you are approaching or leaving the Grand Canyon South Rim, take some time to see Bedrock City before it’s gone.

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Tusayan Mayor Says Grand Canyon Closure Devastated Town’s Economy
According to Mayor Bryan, the federal shutdown has devastated the small town near Grand Canyon whose economy is based almost entirely on tourism.

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Grand Canyon’s Bad-Boy Mountain Bikers From ’95 Shutdown Still Best Closure Violation Tale
Mountain biking is always forbidden below the Grand Canyon’s rim. But a contingent of five avid mountain bikers from Sedona decided the closure was the perfect opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime, and on November 19, 1995 set off — loaded on pot and ‘shrooms — down the North Kaibab trail.

Source: Phoenix New Time
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Arizona to Fund Grand Canyon Operations Through Oct. 27
Arizona will extend its payments to keep the Grand Canyon open during the government shutdown, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Wednesday. The state will pay to continue operations at Grand Canyon National Park through Oct. 27, at a cost of $93,000 per day.

Source: Wall Street Journal
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