Arizona Releases Wildfire, Flood, and Earthquake Map to Help Visualize Potential for Disaster

Hazard maps are a common and useful tool for people involved in disaster management and disaster recovery, providing an image of the most susceptible areas and so enabling better pre-, during and post-event decision-making.

But hazard maps can also be utilized by consumers shopping for homes. Homebuyers in Arizona now have a new interactive hazard map developed by the Arizona Geological Survey and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management which lets them explore regions considered at risk for wildfires, floods, and earthquakes.

The hazard map also helps visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park learn which zone is prone to earthquakes. Tourists who don’t know anything about preparing for an earthquake while going into an earthquake zone can pull up the natural hazard Grand Canyon map to better enjoy their Grand Canyon tour. The new map informs people of natural hazards, especially traveling to new areas of the state, so they can plan accordingly.
Just by typing in the address, the map lets people know which natural disasters have occurred within three miles of any location. Then they can then view tips on how to prepare and protect themselves.

According to Judy Kioski, spokeswoman for the Arizona Division of Emergency Management, flooding is the main hazard in Arizona and parts of Arizona are at risk for earthquakes.