Grand Canyon Audio Tours

Grand Canyon Park Ranger Audio Tours on Your Cell Phone

We know that there are so many things to do and see at the Grand Canyon. The entire experience can be enriched, however, by learning something about what you are doing or seeing. Whether the facts are historical or geographical, they help us to appreciate the significance of what is before us.

If we take part in guided Grand Canyon walking tours, or bus tours, there is often a tour guide who can fill us in on the interesting background to what we are seeing. However, many visitors hike, bike, or drive themselves to the various points of interest around the Grand Canyon South Rim and other areas of the park.

For the convenience of the many visitors who fit this profile, Grand Canyon National Park offers an interesting marriage of wilderness experience with technology. With funding support from the Grand Canyon Association, visitors can listen to a narration about many points of interest on their cellphone. The calls will use minutes, but there is no additional charge beyond that.

Grand Canyon Audio Tours

If such a narration is available, there should be a sign at the point of interest which says “Park Ranger Audio Tour.” Then you dial (928) 225-2907, enter the spot number on the sign, and you should hear approximately a two-minute narration, filling you in on any facts or history which make that particular spot a point of interest.

One caveat is that audio quality will depend on the signal reception for your particular cellphone carrier. Most carriers have decent reception in Grand Canyon Village, and along the South Rim. However, signal strength is bound to vary between carriers, and to get weaker as you enter further into wilderness areas.

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The audio tours can also be listened to from home. By dialing the number, and pressing any stop number between 1 and 30, you can hear these informative narrations even without visiting the Grand Canyon physically. Some of the subjects and points of interest which are included are Yaki Point (No.1), Shiva Temple (No.9), Condors (No.13), Geologic Clock (No.17), and Roaring Springs (No.29).

So whether you are visiting the Grand Canyon in person, or would just like to learn more from home, give the audio tour service a try. Here is another way to appreciate one of the world’s greatest natural attractions.