Grand Canyon Pricing could see Increase

Grand Canyon Entrance

Planning a Grand Canyon Tour in the near future?  The National Park Service is contemplating quite a large increase in entrance fees for the Grand Canyon.  The proposed increase is to generate funds to address a backlog of maintenance and infrastructure projects.

The current fee is $30 for a weekly pass.  The proposed increase would bring Grand Canyon Entrance pricing to $70. The park had nearly 6 million visitors last year so and increase in fees would help offset the strain the Grand Canyon park resources are withstanding.

We need to have a vision to look at the future of our parks and take action in order to ensure that our grandkids’ grandkids will have the same if not better experience than we have today,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement. “Shoring up our parks’ aging infrastructure will do that.”

The higher fees are proposed for entrances during high season.  This will affect visitors entering through any of the gates, including the most popular Grand Canyon South Rim, during May to September. What will not be affected is yearly annual passes and the several free weekends and holidays throughout the year.  For example, The National Park Service birthday in August and the national Public lands Day in September will continue to have free entrance.


The Visitor Center in Tusayan will continue to charge $30 for vehicles, $25 for motorcycles and $15 for individuals until the park comes to a decision.  The park is asking for feedback on the proposal.  To leave your comment, visit the National Park Service comment page.