Grand Canyon Tightrope Walker Has Died

French tightrope walker known as Henry’s has passed away at 82. Daredevil Henri Rechatin, was known for balancing above the Alps, Niagara Falls & Grand Canyon. Henri was the world endurance record holder on high wire balancing. For 213 hours and 15 minutes, Rechatin balanced on a 1189 cable located 335 metres above the ground stretched across the Loire River Valley in France.

On January 14th 1967, the French tightrope artist came to Niagara Falls to bring back excitement to the citizens and media. Henri made many attempts to conduct high wire acts across the Niagara River throughout the entire year but was refused by Niagara Parks Commission.

Henri also walked along the cable the cable that carries cars to the summit of the Aiguille du Midi in the Alps. But he is best known for spending 6 months up top a cable over a supermarket in his hometown of Saint-Etienne.

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