Have A Safe Fourth Of July In the Grand Canyon

Freedom is a hard earned thing. And that in itself calls for a celebration. The Fourth of July is surely the single most important date in American History – a date which was the convergence of a cumulative struggle against tyranny and oppression, a date that led to the declaration of independence, a date that saw the birth of a new country. To make sure we remember this historic event, the Fourth of July is full of festivities, fireworks and fervor. And there is no better place to mark this occasion than in the Grand Canyon National Park, a heritage site, that is the embodiment of American beauty and spirit.

Ironically, the same festivities and fervor when given too much freedom, get out of hand, jeopardizing the lives of all those around. To ensure that the Grand Canyon National Park remains a safe haven for all revelers, Grand Canyon National Park rangers will be implementing a series of checkpoints and enhanced patrolling measures during the fourth of July week. These include random safety and sobriety checkpoints.

During the 2012 Memorial Day weekend, these measures will ensure that the use of alcohol and controlled substances will be kept off of park roadways.  Rangers are authorized to make arrests if anyone is found driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. In addition to these violations, arrests can also be made for choosing not to wear a seatbelt, equipment violations, lack of insurance and lack of registration. Placement of checkpoints as well as dates of placement will be done via random selection and will not be announced in advance.

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“With the enhanced patrols and checkpoints, we hope to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July in Grand Canyon National Park.” – says Grand Canyon’s Acting Chief Ranger Mike McGinnis

The Fourth of July is a celebration of freedom and independence. Let us not abuse these two priceless gifts and ensure that we all drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. Here’s to a safe and festive Fourth of July.