Mather Point Grand Canyon

Great Gadgets For The Grand Canyon

Here is the first of our series on Great Gadgets for The Grand Canyon. In here, we review some really neat gadgets and gizmos that are aimed to make your Camping and Hiking activities so much more easy and comfortable. The next time you are camping in the Canyon, there will be no more fears of running low on battery, getting lost or running low on clean water, for these gadgets are designed to deliver. Get all set for a Grand Canyon adventure with these cool new tools in tow!

Steripen Traveler: At $49.95 the Steripen Traveler is a highly affordable and handy water purification device. The Traveler is designed to fit perfectly into water bottles, forms a seal and purifies the contents in less than a minute! The SteriPEN Traveler is powered by 4 AA batteries that are capable of purifying 200 half-liter servings. One UV Lamp Life gives up to 3,000 water treatments. So the next time you set off on a hike, there is no need to burden your backpack with large bottles of water. Just find a stream and watch Steripen at work.

Solio BOLT Charger, Brunton Restore Portable Power Device: With so many rechargeable gadgets at hand, there is always the worry that they may soon run out of power. Solio’s BOLT charger has rotating solar panels to maximize collection and quickly charges any USB-compatible device with no carbon required. The BOLT Charger is priced at $70. Brunton Restore Portable Power Device is a compact integrated solar charger and has up to a 90 percent power capture. Charge portable devices like iPods, smartphones, digital cameras and more with its 1,000 mA/5V output. It is affordably priced at $89.95.

Hiking Tracker: Getting lost in the lap of nature may be fun, but getting lost after sounds like a natural disaster. To beat nature’s labyrinth, there are a variety of Outdoor Activity Tracking devices available on the market today that will never let you be lost again. These GPS enabled hiking trackers are small, handy and easy to use. They are capable of  loading local area maps, sending out distress signals and are designed to give you constant weather updates so you know when to take shelter.

Pocket Body Wash: You don’t have to go the whole hog while camping. And we mean you don’t have to stink like one. Priced at just $3.95 Pocket Body Wash dispensers contain paper-thin leaves of pure dry soap that are lightweight and biodegradable. And they have an extremely pleasant aroma. Enrich that outdoor all natural spa experience today.

Soto Pocket Torch: Lighting a fire in the open outdoors is no mean feat. Constant wind, the occasional shower and stubborn matchsticks can sometimes dampen your Promethean spirits. The Soto Pocket Torch is a must have camping tool that is a simple looking lighter shaped device that’s as powerful as a blowtorch. The only thing it doesn’t burn is a hole in your pocket at $19 and of course, your fingers.