The Essential Grand Canyon Reading List

Wild open outdoors, marshmallows roasting on open fires, a bubbling stream, a playful zephyr, a cozy tent, a hot cup of cocoa, vast expanses of nature in the raw, you and nothing else in between. Get the picture? Now what is that one thing that can make this picture complete? How about a book? And the reasons are – One, There no feeling quite like reading up on a place while right in it. Two, a book is the undisputed infallible travel companion. So here’s the essential book list to make your Grand Canyon tour a perfect experience. Sound the drumroll please…

Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories, and Mystery by Wayne Ranney How did the campsite you are currently reading this book in shape up over time? What were those mysterious forces of nature that carved the Grand Canyon into the masterpiece it is today? This book delves into a number of intriguing and innovative theories set forth by a number of noted geologists. The ending however, is open ended and might give an unsolved X-filesy feeling.

Grand Canyon: True Stories of Life below the Rim (Travelers’ Tales) by Sean O’Reilly, James O’Reilly, & Larry Habegger (editors) – Consider it a travelogue from wholly different perspectives. The book takes on an almost spiritual, introspective approach as the authors continue their journey of self-discovery deep into the heart of the Grand Canyon.

River Runners of the Grand Canyon by David Sievert Lavender: Meet the daredevils who lived in an unexplored era and bravely set forth to make bold new discovery and experience the thrills of a lifetime. These are the rare, never told before stories of the brave men and women who took on the Colorado rapids and conquered them.

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River to Rim: A Guide to Place Names Along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon from Lake Powell by Nancy Brian :  Ever wondered where the lookout points and craggy cliffs of the Grand Canyon got their names from? Then this is the book for you. Chockful of interesting trivia and history, this book gives you fascinating insight into the names behind the places, making it a true etymologist’s collectible and a Grand Canyon aficionado’s must-have souvenir.

The Colorado River Through Grand Canyon: Natural History and Human Change by Steven W. Carothers: Travel back in time to the Anasazi and Hopi Indians, and take an in-depth trip through the evolution of both Man, the Grand Canyon and their seemingly symbiotic associations.

Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon by Edward Dolnick : Unravel the adventures of  Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell as he and a band of nine mountain men embark on the greatest quest of their lives. Set in 1869, this intriguing and gripping memoir sets out to tell the incredible story of these ten men who set out down the mighty Colorado River in wooden rowboats. Only six survived to tell their tales. And this book presents their unabridged perspective.

So get set to make your Grand Canyon adventure even grander. Grab a copy today.