Hualapai Indians Offering One-Day Rafting Tours

Hualapai IndiansSome Grand Canyon tours are easy to join, but for many of the Grand Canyon’s most exciting and popular tours, it helps to plan ahead – especially if you’re planning on going rafting down the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon’s original architect. Some rafting trips require years of planning, reservations, permits, and training, but luckily, there are other ways to experience the bottom of the canyon.

Grand Canyon West is home to the Hualapai Indian Tribe, and a few experienced Hualapai tour guides have started offering one-day rafting trips down the canyon’s core. A typical rafting trip would take considerably more time, but with this quick and all-inclusive package deal, you can leave Peach Springs and be back in time for dinner with the experience of a lifetime under your belt.

Excited? We don’t blame you. The opportunity to raft down the canyon was once a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal, and now it’s finally within reach. The rafting tour begins at 8 in the morning, when a bus full of participants leave from Peach Springs. The bus follows the only road that leads into the Grand Canyon, and the views along the way are particularly staggering. As the bus approaches the raging Colorado, participants would begin to see their guides standing alongside the very boats that will soon carry tourists along 26 miles of river – including a few stretches of rapids.

Being in the rapids can be a life changing experience, and at very least, it should be refreshing. Why? Because the Colorado River is a brisk 45 degrees, contrasting with the 100 degree temperatures at the bottom of the canyon. Trust me – you won’t mind a little cold water after a day or two in Arizona.

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It’s not all rapids though – there will be long, calm stretches of river where the canyon walls extend 3,000 feet into the sky. Many people consider the view from the bottom of the canyon to be even more impressive than the view from above, and there’s only one way to find out which is truly the most striking – being there.

After a time spent gliding down calm waters and crashing through cool rapids, the tour group will arrive at a landing where tour guides will assist in reaching a natural waterfall not far from the river. While the tour group cools off and rests, the tour guides tell stories about the canyon’s history and the millions of years of geological history that surrounds the river.

After a few more miles of calm waters, tumultuous waters, and striking views, the tour group will reach the end of their one-day journey to be returned to Grand Canyon West via helicopter. If you’re interested in seeing the world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk and enjoy another incredible perspective on the canyon, the landmark is near the drop-off point, so you’re free to continue your adventure immediately – no time wasted.

For more information about this Grand Canyon rafting tour as well as the Grand Canyon Skywalk, you can contact Grand Canyon West.