Level 2 Water Restrictions Implemented on North Rim of Grand Canyon

Earlier in the month, a pump malfunction led to water conservation efforts, starting on June 18th. These efforts only affect the North Rim and Supai Tunnel on the North Kaibab Trail. Fortunately, a level two restriction isn’t difficult to follow. However, the conservation is vital to maintaining the water supply until the pump is fixed.

What’s Expected of the Public
In an area such as that surrounding the Grand Canyon, an issue that involves the water supply affects everyone. If you live in the designated area of conservation, there are certain rules you are expected to follow in the event of a restriction.

A level two restriction isn’t life-altering. Yet, to keep the water supply stable, there are actions that need to be followed. These actions include turning the water off while brushing teeth, taking a shorter shower, flushing the toilet conservatively, and only washing full loads of laundry or dishes. Additionally, people are being asked to fill buckets with shower water to water plants and even flush toilets.

Admittedly, some people already employ a few of these precautions. Although, those who do not take these actions normally are asked to do so during this time.

What Businesses Are Doing to Help
When people are in a time of water supply crisis, Grand Canyon restaurants aren’t above behavior changes either. While restaurants and other businesses are asked to employ the same strategies as the public, some go a step further. For instance, there are many businesses who switch to disposable cutlery and table settings during this time. This cuts down on the dishwashing severely, which helps to greatly conserve water.

Plus, businesses will only be serving drinking water by request. Many camper showers and laundromats will also be shut down. While this might be inconvenient to people, the whole of the Grand Canyon hopes that these restrictions will buy them time. Hopefully, the pump can be fixed before stricter limits need to be implemented.

In summation, the pump is currently being worked on. The whole of the Grand Canyon hopes that the issue will be resolved quickly. However, no one is sure of how long the malfunction will persist. Thus, the Level 2 Water Restriction will remain in effect until further notice.