Pack Mules are the Backbone of Travel throughout the Grand Canyon

The mule is an animal that’s known for being a surefooted, beast of burden. This animal is reliable and always ready to work. For thousands of years, the byproduct of a horse and a donkey was used for travel and other burdening chores.

However, throughout the years, vehicles have replaced the use for the mule. Yet, the Grand Canyon terrain is still a haven for mules and their workaholic tendencies. Trudging up and down the canyon, every day showcases how miraculous these animals are. Their perseverance is second to none and their endurance is admirable. Plus, they are gentle, calm creatures, who do not startle easily and are confident in their stride.

The Cargo of the Mule
The South Kaibab Trail uses mules to haul supplies down the canyon, to places like Phantom Ranch. Plus, the animals are used to haul trash back up the mountain. These animals work every day, usually all day long. The only reason they stop is due to severe weather conditions or a government shutdown.

The mules are also known for carrying passengers up and down the canyon. This is an effective way for people to travel since the mule doesn’t get frightened easily. Plus, they can navigate the Grand Canyon’s terrain. They are easygoing and can win over even the most fearful passenger.

Since the 1800’s mules are responsible for carrying over one-million people along the trails of the Grand Canyon alone. This is an incredible feat for such an interesting animal.

The Ride
Even though the mule is capable of walking up and down the canyon safely, doesn’t mean the trip isn’t unique. Today, everyone is worried about comfort. Even though the mule is efficient, it isn’t a smooth ride. The terrain is rough, and the mules are brawny animals. They are used to the trip, but for the humans they carry, it can come as a shock. The trip is bumpy and sometimes arduous, but it’s still far better than walking.

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To close, pack mules are what makes travel through the Grand Canyon an even more exclusive experience. However, mules are still the most efficient form of mass travel throughout the canyon. They are the backbone of exploration in the Grand Canyon. Thus, pack mules have earned the respect they deserve from the people who work with them.