More Grand Canyon Winter Activities 2013

See Sunset or Stargaze
Let changing light in the canyon inspire you as you stroll 0.3 miles between Powell and Hopi Point.Begin an hour before sunset for the best views. Visit Mather Point near Grand Canyon Visitor Center IMAX or Grandview Point on Desert View Drive to gaze at the millions of stars above. Grand Canyon National Park protects dark skies to limit the impact of light and air pollution on your view.

Indoor Activities
Explore History
Walk through the village historic district and discover the people and events that helped shape the development and protection of Grand Canyon. Be sure to visit the Bright Angel Lodge History Room and Verkamp’s Visitor Center.

Canyon Rim Activities
Explore the Colorado River, flowing 1400 miles (225) from Colorado to the Gulf of Cali, carved Grand Canyon 5-6 millions years ago. Visit Lipan Point on Desert Drive for an amazing river view. In addition to plants, animals and rocks, Grand Canyon National Park also protects natural quiet. Travel to Pima Point on Hermit Road to hear the rapids roaring ar below you.

colorado river grand canyon

Walk the Trail of Time
Stroll 1.3 between Yavapai Geology Museum and Verkamp’s Visitor Center along this award-winning trail. Use signs along the trail to learn geology and locate the rocks in the canyon walls. Touch samples from the different layers and look for fossils as you explore the trail.