New Fee Increases for Entrance and Backcountry Camping

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most beautiful places, but since more and more visitors come through the South Rim every year, it’s important to adjust costs accordingly. Keeping the Grand Canyon so well-maintained isn’t free, after all, so the Grand Canyon National Park will be increasing some of the park’s fees. Here are the new fees…

– Single vehicle 7-day pass: $30
– Motorcycle 7-day pass: $25
– Per-person admission from railways, rafts, busses, and foot/bike traffic: $15
– Annual pass: $60

As you can see, most fees have only increased by $5 to $10, and every bit of that money will go to making the Grand Canyon a better place to stay. But what about backcountry permits? A backcountry permit will actually still cost only $10, but with an additional $8 per person or stock animal camping below the rim. This increase does not affect camping costs at non-backcountry campgrounds.

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