Grand Canyon Ranch

The authentic ranch experience is waiting for you, and thanks to the location of the Grand Canyon Ranch Resort, you can double the fun of your next vacation by adding Las Vegas to your itinerary. Just a short drive from the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, home of the Skywalk and the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon Ranch provides all of the charms of the old west without sacrificing the comforts of modern culture. This exclusive resort is held in the highest regard thanks to its guided horseback rides, wagon rides, overnight campout adventures, and helicopter transportation. Helicopter rides are given by Heli USA Airways’ “Ferrari of the Skies”, and they’ve safely transported nearly one and a half million passengers.


All rooms are separate from one another, including 10 standalone cabins, 6 authentic Tipis, and 6 new tents that can sleep 4. Each cabin is a custom-built love letter to classic Americana, complete with a porch and elaborately crafted décor. Tipis are available for those looking to experience the outdoors above all else, and new available tents are suitable for families of four. All tipis are seasonal, available between March 15th and November 15th.

Room Rates:

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Please note: These prices are rack rates and only meant as guidance for pricing. Please call hotel for exact rate.

3750 E. Diamond Bar Ranch Rd.,
Meadview, Arizona 86444