Phantom Ranch has Served the Guests of the Grand Canyon for Nearly a Century

Phantom Ranch was built in 1922. Located on the floor of the Grand Canyon, this generations-old restaurant has a timeless essence. Whether you’re just passing through or looking to settle down amidst the canyon, Phantom Ranch is the place for you.


Phantom Ranch is almost as iconic as the Grand Canyon itself. With its restaurant and bunkhouse, it’s seen many a traveler passing through. The place of rest has served as a haven for hikers, as well as a novelty trip for tourists.

The stone structure was designed by famed architect Mary Colter and fits idyllically into the terrain of the Grand Canyon.

Over the near-century that the ranch has been in existence, many different Ranchers as they call themselves, have staffed it.

This has created an intriguing culture that seems to be somewhat frozen in time, nostalgic, yet nevertheless relevant.


The culture at Phantom Ranch is simplistic but rich in life. There’s only the occasional internet connection and a reliable landline. So, it’s the perfect spot, one of the few left in the world, where people can truly disconnect.

That’s what draws people to the base of the canyon, to work at Phantom Ranch.

The staff is made up of different people, from all walks of life. Although, these ranchers all have one thing in common. They enjoy being set apart, while also being a part of something bigger than themselves.


The ranchers who work at the restaurant and bunkhouse live together for most of the time. They eat their meals together and enjoy a quaint, yet culturally rich existence.

“Only a certain type of person could probably work down here,” said 27-year-old K.T. Dockery, a rancher at Phantom Ranch, “Not everyone could handle this, I guess.”

After all, this isn’t a typical job. While it’s beautiful and unique, there are certain responsibilities that everyone shares. Everyone is expected to pull their weight by cleaning and helping to maintain the restaurant and bunkhouse.

However, to the ranchers, this is their home, so they don’t mind putting in the extra effort.

To close, if you ever find yourself at the Grand Canyon’s base, Phantom Ranch will surely be there, calling you home.