Grand Canyon Entrance Fees Increase to Keep Up With Management Demand

Over four million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. Everyone who visits this wonderful national park wants to have a good, informative experience. Bringing that experience to such a vast amount of culturally diverse people comes with a price. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining the park, aesthetically, environmentally, and through staffing is a hefty, unrelenting financial undertaking.

Fortunately, there are many dedicated people who truly have the park’s best interests at heart. Keeping those interests in mind, the Grand Canyon has concluded that raising the entrance fee is the only way to keep up with demand.

Initial Proposal

The initial proposal to fix the budget issues had its fair share of problems. The main one included hiking the price of admission up to $75 per day, during select peak days. While there are select days that draw a larger volume, $75 for a family to see the Grand Canyon, on any day, is extremely steep.

This proposal was set to a vote, but it was voted down.

Therefore, the next proposal amended the sharp price increase, spreading it out over all Grand Canyon visitors.


This new proposal helped to meet in the middle and do what officials believe is best for the park and its visitors.

Starting on June 1, 2018, the entrance fees for the park will rise five dollars. The new fees are rising from $30 to $35 per vehicle and $25 to $30 per motorcycle. This small increase per visitor will help maintain the sanctity of the Grand Canyon.

Plus, twenty-percent of this fee increase will be utilized to help other National Parks maintain their costs.

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In summation, $5 more is a small price to pay to ensure that our beautiful Grand Canyon remains properly maintained.