Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon

Pink Is the New Black – Presenting Pink Jeep Tours At The Grand Canyon

Pink has never been more macho. The highly popular and acclaimed Pink Jeep tours from Sedona have now ventured into new territory – The Grand Canyon! Starting this August, the wheels get rolling on Grand Canyon’s rugged terrain, giving visitors the opportunity to take in spectacular views of the Canyon from hard to reach points.

Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon

Pink Jeep Tours have achieved cult status through quality customer service, professional guides presenting fascinating and less known local history, rugged outback rides, and of course their signature pink color. And now they have already made a splash at the Grand Canyon. Starting August 1st, 2012, Pink Jeep tours operate from the Visitors Center, seven days a week.

Currently there are four package tours available through Pink Jeep Tours and they have some Grand names indeed! Titled ‘The Grand Entrance’, ‘The Grand Deluxe’, ‘The Grand Trail’ and ‘The Grand Finale’, the tours are designed to take you along stunning vistas and never seen before terrains that will certainly leave you with a grand sense of awe. Priced affordably between $68 to $88 for a 2 to 3 hour long journey, these tour packages cater to everyone’s sensibilities and tastes, be it a rugged mountain adventure, a ride along Grand Canyon’s historic South Rim, a guided walk along the trail of time, a geological expedition of ancient Indian ruins and craggy rocks, or capturing the full-fledged splendor of a dynamic Grand Canyon sunset.  Tours include a free ticket to “Rivers of Time” film presented in giant screen IMAX. Enjoy an incomparable visual feast, as the splendor of the Grand Canyon is revealed.

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With these custom packages, Pink Jeep Grand Canyon tours offers some great value for money with highly trained and qualified guides, customer service that is always at hand, in-depth stories of area history, geology, flora, fauna, and wildlife information. So the next time you want to mingle some family fun with some education adventure, you know where to go!

If you are on board with us, hang on to your hats for a ride of a lifetime. Book a tour now! Go Pink and make others go green!