Planning Stages for Iconic Grand Canyon Reboot are Officially Underway

For visitors who plan to get a fantastic peek at the Grand Canyon by way of U.S. 89 might want to wait a while. There is a view created from a vantage-point, about a half a mile into a northern Arizona trail that has become increasingly popular. This spectacular view defines the dramatic, iconic bend in the Colorado River with the cavern walls bellowing up around it. The sight is truly magnificent. Yet, due to its popularity, the area has become a hazard.

Officials claim due to the influx of vehicles dropping off thousands of passengers each day, parking restrictions have become necessary. Although, restrictions are not the goal. After all, officials do not want to dissuade people from visiting the area. While they are necessary right now for safety, a new plan has been put into place to fix the issue.

The Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area plans to build a new parking lot to accommodate guests. Additionally, a newly constructed viewing deck is also helping add safety to the area. The railing this new deck provides gives makes the view safer and easier to maintain. The alternative to this deck was a sheer-edged ledge along the rock ridge. While it added to the natural ambiance, it did little for safety. The view sits a few hundred feet above the river. It was much easier for a dangerous situation to occur.

With these new safety requirements, visitors can rest assured that they may marvel at the view without being in peril. The new parking lots will likely take a little while to construct. Yet, the viewing platform is already up and accessible.
Until the parking situation is addressed, however, the restrictions will remain. This is to ensure the safety and sanctity of guests and the park itself. Plus, there are plenty of gorgeous views throughout the Grand Canyon. Visitors are always invited to explore the other areas of the Grand Canyon and find their own picture-perfect setting.

Whether it is in this iconic area or throughout another trail, there will always be something amazing to behold.