PortaPocket – Carry Your World With You

Remember the time when you had an iPod, realized you didn’t have a pocket to pop it into and hated having to hold it while you jogged? E-waist-with-cameraRemember the time you snuck money into your boot or used your bra for storing a wad of notes? Remember the time your pockets were so shallow that their contents kept spilling over no matter how careful you were? Remember that gorgeous dress you wore to the party and were forced to carry an unsightly clutch or a bag, since there was nowhere else to put makeup, wallet and phone in?  Remember that tote bag you had which had you convinced that it had a hidden portal to Narnia, because you could never find what you were looking for in under ten minutes? Remember that hike you took where that additional camera bag slowed you down? Or that river rafting adventure which proved to be a damp squib because your bag kept getting in the way of your oars?

We do. And so do countless others.

Bags and also the lack of them can prove to be quite a hindrance in many situations. In addition to the high probability that they might get stolen, bags tend to get in the way of activities, not to mention become a millstone around some fashion ensembles. Keeping these very factors in mind, the PortaPocket people have devised a fashionable, functional and fun product that keep your valuables safe, hidden from public eye, yet accessible,  and unobtrusive.

PortaPocket as the name suggest is a portable pocket that is lightweight, streamlined, detachable, interchangeable, spacious and easy to use. It is rugged as well, offering waterproof and sweat resistant features. PortaPocket is offered in different types of simple kits and has accessories galore, including bling pockets for the fashion conscious. What’s great about the product is that it is interchangeable and based on your activity can be worn on the thigh, calf, ankle, arm, and waist. It can even be attached to a pet, or a wheelchair. What can it carry? Anything from ID, cash, credit cards, access cards, keys, cell phones, lipstick, make-up, tampons, hygiene items, ipods, cameras, passports, insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPens, and medications can be stored in its hallowed walls, and the list doesn’t just stop there.

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For the adventure loving, this is a must have travel accessory. Hikers, rafting enthusiasts, professional and amateur photographers, compulsive campers and joggers cannot afford to exclude the PortaPocket from their regimen, for the host of benefits it provides. The PortaPocket is hands-free, allowing you the complete freedom to focus exclusively on, pardon the pun, the activity at hand. It is safe, letting you stow away your valuables such as passport, credit cards, traveler’s checks and cash away from public view, when on a hike in a new area, or a remote and secluded terrain. Electronic devices, digital cameras, cell phones, battery backups and other sensitive items can easily be stowed away in this waterproof and sweat proof compartment.

So the next time you decide to take a Grand Canyon hike or embark on a high grade white water tour, attach a PortaPocket and detach from all your material worries.