Pump Repair Eases Water Restrictions Across the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

June has been a rough month for visitors and locals alike, throughout the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. A pump malfunctioned in early June of 2018, causing the water shortage to reach a Level 2 water restriction. This meant that instead of people simply conserving water, the action was taken to control water usage. Public showers in certain areas were turned off and local restaurants were giving water by request only. Plus, locals were mandated to be cautious of the amount of water they used daily.

Fortunately, the crisis with the malfunctioning pump was rectified earlier in the week. Therefore, officials can start easing the water restriction back down to the North and South Rim norm. To conserve water, both the North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon operates on a Level 1 water restriction. This urges businesses, locals, and even tourists to be mindful of their water consumption.

The ease back into a Level 1 water restriction means that all normal activities have resumed in the canyon. While tourists are always encouraged to bring their own water supply, the Grand Canyon can now afford to be less stingy with the supply they allow to flow. Campsites throughout the area are turning their showers back on and drinking water is now available in the normal locations.

Fortunately, businesses, locals, and tourists worked together over the past few weeks to ensure that water conservation was taken seriously. This enabled officials to get a handle on the water shortage as soon as the pump was repaired.