Restaurant Under the Grand Canyon Serves Rewarding Treats to Travelers

The Grand Canyon is known for its breathtaking views and its history. Tourists travel from all over the world, just to say they’ve experienced its wonder. Yet, there’s a little-known secret, nestled under the Grand Canyon.

Caverns Grotto is a unique restaurant, located two-hundred feet underground. Located at the Grand Canyon Caverns, this mining-themed restaurant is surely a once in a lifetime experience. Guests sit at one of four tables, overlooking the caverns below.

Dinner is $69.95 per person and lunch is $49.95 per as the restaurant only seats sixteen people in total. The restaurant is located twenty-one stories below the earth’s surface and maintains a year-round temperature of seventy-two degrees. Dinner comes with an all-you-can-eat dessert bar.

Plus, the price of the meal also includes a guided tour of the cave. So, whether guests plan to make an afternoon or evening out of it, Caverns Grotto will not disappoint.

With all this going on so far beneath the earth’s crust, it’s hard to imagine the back house of the restaurant being beneath there too. Fortunately, the Caverns Grotto has an interesting way of rectifying this valid concern. The kitchen is above ground. The orders are sent up and the dishes are returned via a bucket and pulley system.

This is truly a unique experience, for both visitors and long-time residents of the area. The food selection is considered ‘down to earth’ and is expected to have a rock-solid menu.

Due to space constraints, reservations are required and will be accepted on August 1, 2018.