Grand Canyon Kids things to do

Rediscover Grand Canyon with your kids

Miles and miles of sheer vertical rocks that have stood witness to the test of time; have captured three out of four geological ages; and presented a landscape that is as deep in its ancient roots as it is in its funky futuristic design. Grand Canyon Kids things to doWe are talking about the Grand Canyon, one of the most visited natural sites in the world and home to over 5 million visitors annually.  It’s a great place to visit with family and kids. For kids, the Grand Canyon is a veritable source of History, Geography and adventure, all combined into a fun and interactive learning experience.  Take a trip through the Anasazi ruins, learn geological rock dating, follow the winding Colorado River and discover its flora and fauna. Here are some great things to do in Grand Canyon designed specifically for Kids.

Enroll in a Junior Ranger Program: The National Park Service offers a junior ranger program to make the Grand Canyon for kids experience extra memorable. Available all through the year for kids ages 4 through 14. This will bring out the aspiring naturalist and geologist in your child. Choose from ‘Ravens, Coyotes and Scorpions”, “Dynamic Earth Junior Ranger”, “Discovery Pack Junior Ranger”, or the “Phantom Rattler Junior Ranger” programs, depending on your child’s interest and age.

Hikes: There are several kid-friendly Grand Canyon hiking tours along the North rim. For children who are very young, try the Bright Angel Point, Cape Royal, and Cliff Springs Trails which are 1 mile or less in length and offer great walks through the forest with accompanying views. For older children, take the Widforss Trail – a 10 mile round trip that makes for a great picnic day outing. The North Kaibab Trail is a maintained trail that descends into the canyon and treats the kids to some great lookout points along the way – Coconino Overlook (1.5m), Supai Tunnel, (4 miles)

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Grand Canyon Village: This village is a lovely cooling off point where kids can walk along the south rim, hunt for fossils on trails, ride horses through the desert and picnic along the cool pines of Ponderosa.

Grand Canyon Railway: Ride the polar express in winter, with cookies and hot chocolate. In summer, ride vintage steam or diesel locomotives as they huff and puff their way to the Canyon. Located on Highway 64.

Planes Of Fame Museum: Airplanes and more! Russian MIGs, Blue Angels, WWII Planes, Bi-planes and everything that the little pilot in your family desires. Located on Highway 64.

Mule & Horseback Rides: There are daily mules rides from the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden and Plateau Point. Riders must be 4 ft.7 inches tall. The rides must be reserved way in advance, even months sometimes.  For those who weren’t able to get a booking, fret not, there are several horseback rides that trail lazily through the pines of Ponderosa. Sometimes you can even find ride in a horse drawn carriage! So take part in the Grand Canyon mule & horseback riding tour and see the breathtaking views of the canyon in absolute fun and frolic. Requisites: Kids ages 8 & up. Location : South rim & Grand Canyon village.

While on hikes, please ensure that you carry ample water- at least 2 to 4 liters per person, dress in layers, pack a rain jacket, and wear good sturdy footwear. Also carry a first aid kit and a whistle for each child.

Rediscover Grand Canyon with your kids and bring out the child in you!