Setting Your Hearts on a Grand Canyon Honeymoon Offers a Plethora of Choices

Honeymoons are meant to be a once in a lifetime experience. Freshly married and ready to take on the world, honeymoons are memorable for many, many reasons. When a couple takes a Honeymoon in a place like the Grand Canyon, however, there is a whole new experience to behold.

On top of visiting a beautiful, unforgettable location, the Grand Canyon also offers different experiences, based on the couple’s needs. Here are a few of the different options Honeymooners have for taking their unforgettable getaway at the Grand Canyon:

Scenic Experience

When you are looking for a luxurious, scenic experience, Utah offers great, road-trip access to the Grand Canyon. The scenic view of the desert is gorgeous and for those honeymooners who like to travel, this is perfect. The Grand Canyon is a couple hours away, but in between, there are some astounding sights and tourist attractions. Plus, by visiting the closest portion of the Grand Canyon, the North Rim, Honeymooners will feel like Grand Canyon VIPs!

Centralized Locations

Flagstaff, Arizona is great for Honeymooners who are interested in getting as much done on their visit as possible. This area of the Grand Canyon offers a centralized location, with plenty of different sights and experiences to explore. Flagstaff’s downtown area offers shops and restaurants, while the Grand Canyon and the Red Rock State Park are easily accessible.

All About the Grand Canyon

By visiting the Grand Canyon Lodges, Honeymooners will be able to experience the Grand Canyon in style. Take only a few days, or as long as you want and be treated like royalty. There is plenty to do in and around these lodges, which offer all modern conveniences. Go on day trips and make these beautiful lodges your Honeymoon home base for a trip you will never forget.

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The adventurous couple will love the Phantom Ranch. This awesome getaway is a step back in time and an experience you will never forget. This location is built below the rim of the canyon and it is accessible only by hiking or mule-ride. From start to finish, every aspect of this Honeymoon option is daring. If you are looking for an experience that is truly unique, come to the Phantom Ranch. This is where you and your significant other can explore everything the Grand Canyon has to offer.