Testimonial: IMAX brings the Grand Canyon to Senior Citizens

Two of my friends and I wanted to take a trip and since we had not been there in so many years, we decided on the Grand Canyon. When we arrived we went to the Visitors Center. The staff was extremely welcoming and informative. We went ahead and saw the IMAX movie, which was absolutely outstanding. The three of us are senior citizens and we are not in the type of shape to go hiking or take the donkey rides, so we were delighted to be able to see the Grand Canyon in all its splendor on the IMAX screen. It really brings the Grand Canyon to life, hearing about the history, and feeling like you are flying around the different areas of the canyon, seeing the rapids and the different rock formations. I would absolutely recommend the IMAX film to anyone visiting the Grand Canyon. I loved it so much I purchased a copy to take home with me.
After the Visitors Center and IMAX we went on the bus tour, which was really nice as well. About halfway through the bus tour we stopped and had lunch on one of the overlooks and really got to take in the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. At the end of the bus tour we did about as much walking around as we could, had dinner, and retired for the evening. On day two we took the shuttle tours around, which was my second favorite part of the trip next to the IMAX. The shuttle drivers were so courteous – they answered all of our questions and they pointed out all the significant areas of the canyon.  We were actually surprised at how much energy they had because they stayed so enthusiastic throughout the entire tour and I think it takes a really great person to be able to do that all day.
After the shuttle tour we went back to the souvenir shop, purchased some items, then we packed up and left. I’d say the most memorable part of the trip was without a doubt the IMAX movie. It really made the trip for me. I could watch it over and over again. This trip far exceeded our expectations and I hope to return to the Grand Canyon again someday soon.

Cliff Fields – Creve Coeur, Illinois