Grand Canyon

Travel on a Dime, There’s No Place Like Home

That long pending Grand Canyon tour that you’ve been saving up for was all you ever hoped for and more, complete with Grand Canyon rafting and helicopter ride to boot. Traveled further to Las Vegas and been awestruck with the sights, sounds and action? Oh, well, since you are so close to the Pacific, why not hit the sunny shores of California for a while?  Now, you are home, tanned, rested, satiated and ready to go back to work…but are you?

Most of us suffer the misapprehension that a vacation clears up the mind and gets you back to your work routine with gusto. Sadly, in most cases, it’s the opposite. We all have experienced post vacation blues in one form or the other. While I doodle aimlessly on my whiteboard and idly tap at keys to yet another spreadsheet, my fellow traveler and co-worker has decided to imitate his favorite movie for the day – Zombieland. The best way to fight a travel hangover is with more travel. But how do you this when you have blown up the most recent paycheck in Vegas and have used up your travel leave for the next two months? Try a ‘staycation’. And here are the top ten ways you can experience travel in your own backyard.

Take heritage walks: Heritage walks are a great walk to discover your city in ways that you never knew. Discover interesting trivia, travel back in time and see architecture in an all new light. Choose to do this solo or in a group…we guarantee fun, both ways.

Do the touristy thing: Yes, everybody takes a boat ride on the lake. But have you? The boardwalk is a top touristy spot, but have you ever taken a ride on the Ferris wheel? You’d be surprised on the list of things you have missed experiencing just because you dismissed them as being “too touristy”. Start crossing off items from that list now!

Take up a vacation-themed project: Bring a piece of travel into home. Missing the sun kissed shores of Hawaii? Host a Luau in your backyard and make up an artificial beach. Missing the warm cuisine of Tuscany? Make your own sun dried tomatoes and wine.

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Explore a hidden part of town: That part of town where your friends don’t stay, has none of your clients, no tourist sites to speak of or for that matter has faded into obscurity, simply because you’ve never had anything to do with it. So strap on your sense of adventure and drive on. You never know what hidden gems you might discover.

Try new cuisines: Grab that Lonely planet app or hardcopy. And pick out a recommended place. Why not lunch there today…even if it’s a one man hot dog stand that’s 4 miles away?

Make a photo essay: Flea markets. Vegetable bazaars. The local grocers, even. There are endless fascinating subjects, vibrant hues, and fantastic frames…all waiting to be captured through your lens.

Fringe benefits: Travel to the city limits and push on. There are several lush green fields tucked away, waiting to be discovered. Wet your feet in errant little streams and have a picnic lunch amidst verdant surroundings away from the hurries and worries of city life.

Take a different route everyday: Discover a new part of your city. Take a different route back home every day. Slip in your favorite CD and watch the weight of the work day magically lift off your shoulders as you drive through a new part of town.

Check into a local hotel: have a long weekend? But don’t have enough money saved up? Check for a good deal and check into a local hotel. Pamper yourself with a round of golf, take a dunk in the pool and order some nice food through room service.

Browse weeklies and locals for event listings: Guest speakers at the library, movie nights at the park, concerts, fund raisers, fairs, children’s film festivals and more. There’s always something around the corner.

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