Travel Solo Grand Canyon 2012

Travel To The Grand Canyon For Spring Break 2012

It’s spring break time! No more pencils, no more books, No more stuffy study nooks. Oh well, at least for a couple of weeks. Spring Break Grand Canyon 2012What’s waiting up ahead is two blissful weeks of no school, and endless travel possibilities. As adolescents, you probably have a diverse range of interests, a beautiful quality that adults sometimes try to suppress in themselves. So head to the Wild West and tour Grand Canyon this Spring break, for it is a unique microcosm of activities, adventures and amusement. Don’t believe me? Read on, for there is something here for everyone.

Hiking For the adventurous: From short two hour hikes to a multi-day hiking smorgasbord, there are unlimited options for those wishing to explore the Grand Canyon on foot.  The South Rim train and Bright Angel trail are great starting points and offer hikes up to 12 miles. If you need some steeper terrains, lookup the South Kaibab Trail and the Hermit trail. For extreme hiking, the Grandview Trail offers many steep challenges.

Train rides for the nostalgic: How many of us have loved train rides since childhood? I am sure that I am not the only one with my hand waving madly up in the air. Take a journey into the Wild West and chug along the Grand Canyon’s diverse terrain in fun vintage coaches. What’s more, there are great discounts on the Grand Canyon Railway this Spring break!

Scenic drives for the vagabond: If you think the Grand Canyon was all about the National Park, then you are mistaken. There are drives galore in and around the Canyon. Zip along highway 69, and discover fantastic surprises along the way, or just drive down to the village which is choc-a-bloc with activities.

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Time travel for the history buff: Are you fascinated by anthropology and keep wondering about what life was like a few centuries ago? Then, a historical Grand Canyon tour comes highly recommend for you. Take a deep dive into the Ancient Anasazi way of life or explore magnificent geological structures that hide many stories; this is one of the easiest ways to travel back in time.

Horseback rides for the Wild Westerner: If galloping away into the sunset is your thing, then there are horseback and mule rides galore in the Canyon. Travel through dusty lanes and traverse craggy rocks with the steady patter of hooves to keep you company.

River rafting for water junkies: Now these are grades you willingly want to study for. The Colorado River offers a plethora of opportunities for river rafting and Grand Canyon Rafting tours are available Grade 1 through Grade 4. Get your paddle on!

Large screen eye candy for entertainment buffs: Catch the biggest adventure of them all on a giant six story movie screen, with over 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. For a larger-than-life experience, explore the Canyon at The Visitor Center IMAX® Theater.

Aerial extravaganza for the high fliers: Hover over the sky at 4000 feet over craggy cliffs and drink in the colors of a vermillion sunset. Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and soar to new heights, literally.

Head to the Grand Canyon this Spring Break for it is full of surprises. And all those disbelievers…tell them to take a hike.