Water Pump Replacement Project Underway at Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is undergoing a multitude of different replacement projects lately. One of the most
recent projects include a much-needed water pump replacement at the Grand Canyon. While this might
not be the most convenient project for hikers, it is essential to prolong the flow of water.

Nevertheless, if you are planning on going to the Grand Canyon National Park between now and May of
2020, you might want to pay attention to the construction schedule. The construction started on
September 23 rd , 2019 and is expected to be finished by the 2020 summer visitor rush.

Of all the times to do it, this is the best time to replace the pumps, as there are significantly less people
at the Grand Canyon currently. However, the pumps are being replaced in the Indian Garden, which is
on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the rim that remains open year-round.

Fortunately, it seems like the only inconvenience will be that visitors will be redirected to a bypass trail
along the Bright Angel Trail to avoid the construction.

This is good news for locals, though, as the Grand Canyon area has a notoriously bad water system.
While there isn’t anyone or any entity to blame, the current pumps, which date back to the 1960s are
prone to outages. The outages have gotten so bad that they have been responsible for multiple park-
wide emergency water conservation laws.

The new pumps will help reduce the shortages significantly, by providing a nearly seven-hundred
gallons-per-minute rate. This will enable the pumps to run sufficiently during off-peak energy hours. In
addition to fixing a lot of the issues the locals have experienced thus far, the pumps will also be saving
energy and money.

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After the small inconvenience of replacement construction, it will be a win-win scenario for the Grand
Canyon National Park. This is one improvement that has been a long-time coming. Once it is finished,
there is a good chance that morale, as well as the water situation will drastically improve throughout
this particular one of the Seven Wonders of the World.