What if Los Angeles & Las Vegas Were Inside the Grand Canyon?

So we came across these images by photographer Gus Petro, merging the Big Apple with the sheer beauty of the Arizona desert, we were in awe. Looking at these images makes you realize just how incredibly huge the Grand Canyon is and how compact New York City appears.

After a fascinating Grand Canyon tour and a visit to Manhattan, the Swiss photographer was stunned by the different U.S. terrains “emptiness and density.” Petro decided to put his artistic photoshop and photography skills to the test by blending the two opposite sceneries into one. The project is called “Merge.” Here’s how the talented artist describes his project:

For this project I merged two opposite places into one:  New York City, where, it appears everyone desires to live, and the Grand Canyon, which is unfit for human habitation.

While few other landscapes contrast as much as New York City and the Grand Canyon, it might be interesting to see the City of Angels or the Vegas Strip popping up in the canyon. But then again, doesn’t Petro’s image already remind you of a bigger and cooler version of Las Vegas?

Any ideas of what other opposites could merge? Share your comments with us.