Grand Canyon Jeep Tours

What’s So Great About a Grand Canyon Jeep Tour?

Are you one of those individuals that don’t really care too much about drives in the outdoors? Then you are a rare species, because nothing quite matches up to the feel of the wind in your hair as you zip away on an eager tarmac, leaving behind a rugged yet welcoming landscape behind. Spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, taking in different geological formations that hold deep secrets in their rocky depths, or inhaling the sweet scent of pines as you pass along dense forests, nothing quite gives you as comfortable an outdoors experience as an outback jeep tour.

Grand Canyon Jeep ToursThe Grand Canyon, though touted as one of the most visited tourists spot in the world, still manages to retain an aura of mystique around it. It is a land of contrasts – from dense green forests to arid and barren landscapes; it never ceases to throw surprises at you. Though there are a host of Grand Canyon attractions, one activity that is bound to fulfill both your sense of curiosity and adventure is the Grand Canyon Jeep tour.

What so great about a jeep tour, you ask? Well, for starters, you get to experience a large portion of the canyon in a very short period of time, something you can’t accomplish on a hike. Need more reasons, here you go:

Educational: Learn about changing landscapes, get acquainted with native Indian tribes, understand the wonders of Geology and spend your time in the lap of nature. There is no better classroom than this.

Professional drivers: Being behind the wheel and trying to figure out your way in a new place can be quite stressful. Jeep tours are great way to take in the sights as you enjoy the benefits of being in the passenger seat. All tours are conducted by professional drivers, who know every back road there is to know.

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Local perspective: Drivers also double up as guides and provide fascinating trivia and perspectives of the land that you will not find in a book. Be privy to local history, fascinating facts and experience the lay of land through a new pair of eyes.

No stress: While an adventure trip does have its own allure, it can also leave you a little tired. Hiking, rafting or mule riding, although fun, may sometimes leave you stressed out on account of their physically demanding nature. On a safari or jeep tour, all you have to worry about is if you brought your camera along. The rest as they say is a breeze.

Travel together: If you are a large group of friends, or a family that wants to experience sights together, then a jeep tour is the perfect option for you. Groups of up to 13 people can travel in an open air, four-wheel drive, safari vehicle and don’t have to worry about splitting up.

Customize: These tours also give you the flexibility to customize. Include more geological or historical pit stops based on your group’s levels of interest. Some Grand Canyon Jeep tours offer groups the flexibility to design their own itinerary.

So, suffer not. Safari along.