The Allure of Group Travel

What kind of traveler are you? Do you think solitude has its advantages and therefore, solo travel is the only way forward? Or do you feel that no travel is complete without a travel buddy? Whatever be your belief, each form of travel has its own distinct advantages. And one such form of travel is traveling in a group. Group travel may bring in visions of rigid itineraries and varied preferences, but its pros far outweigh its cons. So, what do you stand to gain by traveling as a group? Let’s have a quick look, shall we?

Safety: New destinations can be exciting and daunting all at once. Especially, if the destination is a country which speaks a whole new language and follows different customs. In a group, you do not stand out. There’s always a comforting safety in numbers. Moreover, there are no time restrictions which might have hampered your itinerary had you traveled solo or with a travel buddy.  A moonlit walk on a deserted beach in Chile, or checking out the nightlife in Barcelona, a new city is much safer when traveling as a group.

Discounts: Be privy to discounts that would otherwise not made available to you if you travelled solo or in twos. Group discounts are available on bulk bookings. Hotel accommodations, airline discounts, sightseeing discounts, cruise discounts, entertainment discounts save you a large bundle and also make the booking process easier.

Companionship:  Though solo travel gives you higher opportunities to interact with local people, it can get very lonely. With group travel, you are never alone. Of course, you can choose to spend time by yourself for short periods of time, but you will never feel lonely. And there is always someone around to share your experiences with.

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Perspectives : Another aspect about travel is its enrichment factor. Do you feel like that your guide’s historical narration is off the mark? Don’t fret, there is always someone in a group to fill in the gaps.  In a group, you will get to listen to new facts, anecdotes and whole new perspectives, which would make your travel experience that much more knowledgeable.

Planning: With group travel, you are privy to custom packages and deals. Planning a trip becomes much easier since everything becomes more compact when done in bulk. For instance there are Grand Canyon group tours that not only offer custom itineraries based on your interest, they also give you whopping discounts.

Overhead costs: A Grand Canyon trip may suddenly seem much more affordable when traveling in a group. Renting a van for two and splitting the costs two ways is much more expensive than renting a van for six and splitting it equally.  The end result, you will still experience the same splendor of the Grand Canyon, but with a happier heart and heavier pocket. Overhead costs are drastically reduced in a group. You can now hire that personal group guide, guilt free.

Insurance: There are several companies which offer discounts on group insurance as well. What’s more, processing insurance for groups, be it for health or travel take a shorter time and has a higher level of efficiency than non-group insurances.

The ‘numbers’ are high, so round up that ol’ gang and take a package tour.