Bald eagle in Arizona (Photo: Michael Ging, AZR)

Bald Eagle is Celebrated by Finding a New Home Near the Grand Canyon on Veterans Day

The Bald Eagles are revered for their strength, their beauty, and their power, which is part of why they became America’s National Bird. The Grand Canyon is another gorgeous and powerful representation of America and with the newest inductee to the wildlife park near the Grand Canyon, these two powerful entities are uniting. Vernon, the drive-and walk-through wildlife park’s first Bald Eagle was introduced on Veterans Day, November 11, 2019.

Bearizon National Wildlife Park is a popular park that is known for providing homes to wild animals in need. Vernon was in a fight with another eagle recently, which experts believe was the result of a territory dispute. As a result of the fight, Vernon was injured in a manner that affects his ability to fly. Subsequently, Vernon was rescued by the U.S.

Fish and Wildlife Department. After Vernon had some time to heal, he was transported to Bearizona. The Bald Eagles new name, Vernon, was the result of a contest set up by Bearizona, which drew 30,000 participants across social media. The contest asked animal lovers and Eagle enthusiasts to suggest a name that represented the strength and freedom that America is known for.

The approaching national Veterans Day holiday was the perfect time to introduce the freshly named Bald Eagle to the public, and his new home.

The contest resulted in 850 individual suggestions and Vernon was chosen for it’s
special meaning to both America and the Bald Eagle itself. The name Vernon honor’s
George Washington’s famous Mount Vernon estate. Yet, in addition to that, the park’s newest resident, along with the first President of the United States were both originally from Virginia. Since the name had such a unique range of serendipitous connections to the famous forefather, park officials knew it was perfect for their new feathered friend.

“He’s very shy, but he loosens up after a few fish,” said Susan Davidson, founder of High-Country Raptors. “The staff continues to learn more about him and his likes and dislikes every day, and we are doing our very best to keep Vernon feeling as comfortable and safe as possible in his new home.”

On Monday, November 11 th , Vernon was introduced to guests and his new neighbors at Bearizona for the first time. In beautiful display of strength and dignity, Vernon took flight and embraced his new home with grace and poise.

In addition to the introduction of Vernon, the park offered individuals currently serving or those who have served in the U.S. military free admission in honor of Veterans Day..