Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch: Hiking and Rafting and Mule Rides, Oh My!

Anyone looking to get real up close and personal with Mother Nature’s most breathtaking work has got to stay at the Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch. As far as Grand Canyon attractions go, this has got to be one of the most memorable. Located on the north side of the Colorado River and within the Grand Canyon National Park, the resort should definitely be a MUST on your Grand Canyon ‘things to do’ list.

A Hike, a Raft, or a Mule

Phantom Ranch Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch is the only lodging below the canyon rim which might explain why it’s sometimes sold out a year in advance. For those not quite willing or able to book their stay that far in advance, a trip to the Phantom Ranch Canteen might suffice—if you’re adventurous enough to make the long trek down into the Canyon for a meal that is! Just remember to call or email ahead of your trek down into the Canyon to ensure your meal. Getting to the ranch is just as much an adventure as staying there as it can only be reached by foot, mule, or by rafting along the Colorado River!

No Spoiled Nature Here

Anyone who considers a hike in the Grand Canyon cringes at the idea of it being somehow spoiled by all of the usual tourist traps and theme hotels, but there’s no need to worry here as the Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch blends seamlessly into the surroundings. Both the Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch and the Grand Canyon Phantom Canteen were built in 1922 from wood and native stone with the beauty of the canyon in mind. The ranch offers up both dormitories and rustic cabins to stay in, all of which are heated and cooled to accommodate the ever-changing temperatures of the Grand Canyon.

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Getting There

Hiking along the Bright Angel or Kaibab trails will get you to the Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch. If a mule ride is an experience you’re up for, you can book overnight mule rides that include a night’s stay at the ranch. There are also daytime mule rides available for those who want to enjoy all of the breathtaking scenery and Grand Canyon attractions with a slightly less scary route, perfect for those afraid of heights!

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A stay at the Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch or even a mule ride or hike past it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that you should definitely consider ticking off on your Grand Canyon ‘things to do’ list.