Grand Canyon Visitor Center IMAX South Rim

Grand Canyon Vacations – 3 Must-See Grand Canyon Attractions

If you’ve got Grand Canyon vacations on the mind you are definitely not alone as the Grand Canyon—and in particular the Grand Canyon South Rim—gets well over 5 million visitors yearly. And we can tell you that it certainly doesn’t disappoint thanks to being the most accessible side of the Canyon as well as chalk full of impressive amenities.

It’s no surprise that the South Rim always manages to top the many ‘Grand Canyon Things to Do’ list on every travel site and guide around seeing as how the area boasts most of the Grand Canyon attractions that you hear about and even a few that you may not have heard of yet. Here are just a few we recommend for all Grand Canyon vacations:

Visitor Center and IMAX

Grand Canyon Visitor Center IMAX South RimThe Visitor Center tops our list (ed. note: of course it does!) of Grand Canyon things to do because it pretty much has it all as far as fun goes for people of all ages, including interactive exhibits, great food, and the most viewed IMAX® film in the entire world! The film is a must-see with its awe-inspiring footage, blazing colors, and chest-pounding sound that will leave you feeling like you’re right in the heart of the canyon! There’s also shopping, tourism information, and shopping.

The Grand Canyon Railway

There is no better way to see the Grand Canyon or travel the South Rim than by train—especially one that takes you on a trip back in time! The Grand Canyon Railway old steam train follows the same route and offers up the same spectacular scenery, including some of the historic train depots, as it did back in 1901 when it made its first trip to the Canyon. The only thing that’s changed is that each trip runs just over 2 hours as opposed to the 3+ hours back in the day.

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Yavapai Observation Station

Located at Yavapai Point, the Yavapai Observation Station offers up some of the most incredible panoramic views imaginable. A favorite for photographers and tourists alike, this spot is worth the hike and will give you the best views of the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch. Definitely a must for all Grand Canyon vacations!

Pencil these Grand Canyon attractions into your itinerary and get ready to be amazed by the most mesmerizing of the Seven Wonders of the World.