Grand Canyon Stargazing

Grand Canyon Star Party to Offer Free Telescope Viewing of the Universe

The Grand Canyon has been a favorite destination for generations of travelers. Today, virtually anyone can enjoy a Grand Canyon vacation. There are only few places on earth that have the last remaining dark skies; the Grand Canyon is one of them. From June 8th through June 15th, 2013, visitors can attend the 23rd annual Grand Canyon Star Party on the South and North rims of the Canyon.

Volunteer astronomers from all over the country will set up numerous telescopes and slide shows.  Visitors will have the opportunity to view star clusters, planets, the moon, the sun, and the galaxies.  For the naturally curious, brilliant views of space are expected to be seen; provided the weather permits it.

Grand Canyon StargazingA nightly 8 pm slide show will be presented in the Visitor Center Theater on the South Rim. In addition, laser constellation tours will take place from 9 to 10 pm.  Free telescope viewing will be available behind the theater. Parking is provided in several lots and a free shuttle bus runs until 11 pm. Telescope viewing is recommended after 9 pm and well into the night hours. While visitors are advised to carry a flashlight for the walk to the viewing area, white lights are not allowed on the telescope viewing lot. Allow time for your eyes to adjust to the dark, or use a red flashlight, which can be achieved by covering the flashlight with permanent marker or nail polish.

The North Rim will offer nightly telescopes viewings at the Grand Canyon Lodge. For more information about additional events at both rims check the bulletin boards at the Visitor Centers.

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Due to cool nighttime temperatures on the rims, visitors are advised to bring warm clothing.  For those planning on spending the night at Grand Canyon or take Grand Canyon tours, book well in advance.

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