Matthew McConaughey Squares Off with a Ram on Grand Canyon Picnic

Matthew McConaughey is known as being a Hollywood favorite; adored for his roles in popular romantic comedies as Failure to Launch and The Wedding Planner. Yet, during a 2004 trip to the Grand Canyon with his family, McConaughey became a true action star. During a picnic, the actor and his family were charged by a ram. As a result, he had to throw his six-month-old son fifteen-feet in the air, to his wife, to save him.

Apparently, the family was picnicking in the middle of the ram’s territory. This was worsened by the family’s dog, who was challenging the ram. The full-grown male ram was not having any of it. The animal charged at the actor, who saved the baby and was able to defuse the situation enough to escape.

The story came out on the September 11, 2018, Jimmy Fallon Show, where Matthew McConaughey was playing True Confessions. Squaring off against Trik Trotter from The Roots, McConaughey was able to steal the show with his true confession.

The game itself is when the guest of the show tells a story. Afterward, Fallon and the other guests have sixty-seconds to ask questions. After the questioning is over, the other guest is tasked with deciding whether the story is true. Trotter did not believe the story and was shocked when McConaughey revealed that this was true. The actor then explained the rest of the story, filling in the details and explaining how he diffused the situation.