The All-American Road Trip: The Velloso Family Explores Grand Canyon

A classic American cross-country road trip would be incomplete without a stop at Grand Canyon National Park.
Located in Arizona in what has become one of the most popular National Parks, the Grand Canyon won’t disappoint any visitor.

In the following video, the Velloso family and their daughters take viewers on a fun and educational Grand Canyon vacation. The journey begins at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center IMAX at Grand Canyon south rim.

It’s not just the size, but also the Canyon’s colors and shapes that create awe in this video. At the Mather Point – the most popular view point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon – the Velloso’s are treated to a fantastic view with a series of wheat-colored ridges and pinnacles, streaked with pink during the day. From a spot offering a priceless view, the canyon’s walls loom large, almost cathedral-like.

The journey continues with the Yavapai Geology Museum where the girls learn facts about the Grand Canyon. How old is the Canyon? How did it form? The new exhibits at Yavapai Geology Museum answer these and other geology questions. The Grand Canyon tour ends with a look at the ancient looking Grand Canyon View Watch Tower which is located at the eastern end of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

A Grand Canyon Vacation is a fun adventure for all ages. The National Park Service does an outstanding job of retaining the natural beauty of the Canyon, yet still making it safe and convenient for families to navigate in terms of food, lodging, and tours.

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