Get Your Very Own Mobile Tour guide With Tagwhat

Tour Guides are a confusing lot. Yes, they are a necessity in most places, especially those that have a rich history, or those that are off the beaten path. They give you interesting information, fill you with anecdotes, suggest local specialties, and help you deal with local languages. But at what cost? Tour guides come at a price, and sometimes that price can be quite steep. Tour guides are also notorious for tie ups with vendors and service providers and will prompt you to shell out much more money that the original price of the product or service. In addition to the monetary expense, tour guides can concoct places of interest and have you convinced that they are genuine tourist locations.


Sometimes you want to explore an area alone, but would still like to have handy references around. For instance, on your recent tour of the Grand Canyon, did you miss having a guide who could explain the history behind all that interesting geology and those fascinating rock formations that kept your attention riveted every step of the way? If only you had the forethought, or the extra vacation budget to hire a tour guide!

Now, with technology, say adieu to traditional and expensive tour guides. Tagwhat is a brand new and proven mobile tour guide that gives you the power of local information at your fingertips, making you the local expert wherever you go. Tagwhat gives you the ultimate platform to satisfy your curiosity on the go. By drawing upon, organizing, combining and tapping into an endless amount of resources across the web and social networks, Tagwhat gives you instantaneous data about the places around you. With Tagwhat, access real-time feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and gather in-depth information about the places around you. Construct a unique itinerary that’s tailor made for your tastes, interests and budget. Best of all, Tagwhat has a super fun interface with its Superslider technology and is completely free of cost, giving you access to millions of unique travel stories from around the world.

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So the next time you take a Grand Canyon Vacation, you know who to take along.