Tlaquepague, Sadona

From the Grand Canyon Specialist – A List of Things to Do in Sedona

Finished your grand tour of the Grand Canyon and still have the traveler’s itch? If Grand Canyon hiking, river rafting and exploration has left you asking for more and you don’t want to head home just yet, then stopover at Sedona. Situated approximately 120 miles from the Grand Canyon South Rim on highway 84 and 240 miles from the Grand Canyon North Rim on highway 89, Sedona presents an ideal opportunity to keep that explorer’s hat on a while longer. After a physically challenging Grand Canyon trip, you can choose to pamper yourself, get some family fun or indulge in some more outdoor adventures – the itinerary is yours for the taking. Here is a list of things to do in Sedona that will make your vacation the holiday you’ve been dreaming about.

Get A Massage – Whoever thought that a sleepy town would be THE destination for some soul therapy. Sedona is choc-a-bloc with spas offering a wide range of wellness and wholeness packages. From massage, body wraps & scrubs, healing, facials and spiritual sessions to aqua aerobics, Yoga and Pilates, mountain biking and cooking classes, its all in here. Recommended spa – Stillpoint…Living in Balance

Pink Jeep Tours Sedona

Pink Jeep Tours Sedona

Take A Pink Jeep Tour- Take a ride on the wild side. Chart your very own 4-wheeling adventure and take on hidden archeological sites, panoramic splendors, photographic vistas or chase after vortexes. The road is yours for the taking. Custom tours cover the Broken Arrow, Ancient Ruin and Diamondback Gulch areas. Pink never felt this masculine before.

Slide Rock Park Sedona Arizona

Slide Rock Park Sedona Arizona. Photo by Edwin Davila Photography used through Flickr Creative Commons.

Revisit Childhood at Slide Rock State Park- Slip and slide away into childhood at one of America’s ten best Swimming holes as listed by Life Magazine. This super popular swimming hole lets you soak some healthy sun and lets you cool off in the natural slide way. No visit to Sedona is complete without the customary dip at Slide Rock State Park.

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Go Vortex Hunting- Aura-ginal rock formations that give off a whirling pillar of energy. Vortex hunting beckons skeptics and believers alike. Even if you don’t believe that these rock formations exude a sense of beneficial raw energy, the hunt is a fun exercise indeed. There are several guided vortex tours in Sedona which take you to some truly off-the-beaten track. For the more popular vortexes (In Sedona, Vortices are called Vortexes), visit Bell rock, Spaceship Rock, Cathedral Rock and the Airport Mesa.

Tlaquepague, Sadona

Tlaquepague, Sadona. Photo by John Menard and used through the Flickr creative commons.

Visit Tlaquepaque to rediscover the ancient arts – Home to more than 40 shops and galleries, this picturesque art village opened in 1973, is a true combination of old world charm wrapped in Mexican architecture. Walk past cozy avenues lined by Sycamore and Oak trees, indulge in colorful events like the “Fiesta del Tlaquepaque”- the Mexican day of Independence, or browse through the many mind-blowing art galleries; a day in Tlaquepaque is fun, festive and full.

Sedona Hotair Balloon

Sedona Hot air Balloon. Photo by Glenda Barlow and used through the Flickr Creative Commons.

Get Full of Hot Air. Take a Balloon Ride! Soar high in the azure skies with regal eagles and get a bird’s eye view of the splendor of the Canyon’s Mesas that lazily sprawl in front of you. Red Rock Balloon rides offer spectacular views of Sedona’s famous red rocks and serve to give you a natural walk through the air. If you want to feel pampered opt in for a traditional Champagne and continental picnic.